Lido Paddle Project to serve our frontline protectors

On Friday, March 13, 2020, our lives changed in one way or another. In an instant, our perspectives shifted, humility arrived, and, for more than a moment, we felt unified to battle a national pandemic. It was shortly after the arrival of this surreal time, Norman Rest found himself pondering his role and purpose here on earth.

With Hoag Hospital standing tall in his field of vision, Rest was reminded of his wife Debra Kottke’s vision to promote wellness through her favorite new sport – stand-up paddle. Over a decade ago, she felt a calling to provide aid to those in need, for those feeling challenged or off balance.

In that moment of gratitude for the many protectors out on the front lines, Rest knew that they must begin a nonprofit to serve and honor our first responders and Veterans by providing recreation, wellness, balance and strength through stand-up paddle, kayak and other related offerings. And, naturally, Kottke felt peace in this decision that a dream she paved over a decade ago would finally be realized.

Lido Paddle Project was born in Newport Beach this past summer and immediately began serving protectors in Lido Bay, including Newport Beach’s outstanding lifeguards.

Lido Paddle Lucas Heydorft

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