First Responders and Veterans

Welcome protectors!
We invite you to join us first to PLAY
next perhaps to go DEEPER
and, for those who are seeking more individually crafted therapies, please join us to TRANSCEND.


Those who serve, deserve to play.
You may stand up paddle or kayak alone, with one of Lido Paddle Project Harbor Tour Leader volunteers, with your colleagues, or with family members. 
Lido Paddle Project knows that PLAY heals, movement is a key factor in relaxation.  Click here to plan a visit to PLAY–– we promise you’ll come back for more!
Time frame: approximately 90 minutes


For those who want to take the play to a new level of mindfulness, DEEPER offers a stand-up paddle or kayak session with one of our therapists who can take you on a guided meditation while careening the calm waters.  When you get back to shore, it is time for yoga or other therapies.  
Time frame:  approximately 3 hours


Do you feel ready for a longer escape into wellness therapies?  Are you craving more personalized care?  

If yes, then join Lido Paddle Project to TRANSCEND everyday life to feeling rejuvenated, balanced, and restored.

For those who choose to TRANSCEND, a personal therapist will be appointed to you/your group based on your choices from the following and diverse menu items:

Menu Of Therapeutic Options

  • Yoga on land or onboard
  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Aromatherapy
  • Crystal bowl healing
  • I Ching consultation
  • Psychotherapy
  • Massage
  • Sound therapy
  • Sea mammal therapy through our partnership with Pacific Marine Mammal Center
  • ABYT- Asian bodywork and yoga therapy including educational consultations for all ages and conditions with our Doctor of Science in Oriental Medicine. 
  • Yoga Nidra-voice guided during a deeply rested state onboard or shore in a calm and quiet location
  • Acupoint Stimulation-proven as an effective support for those dealing with trauma and/or addiction
We can host sessions of up to 2 hours long, with groups of up to 20. Reservations and ID required.

Contact Michelle Highberg to schedule an appointment at:

(949) 813-7681 ||

or Evelina Pentcheva 949-903-5638