At Lido Paddle Project, We Believe that those Who Serve Deserve to Play.

We believe in the power of play to heal and restore.
We believe that health is a choice and self-care a necessity.
We believe in promoting wholeness as means towards health and wellness.
We believe in promoting strong immune systems that further thrive by peaceful minds.
We believe that rest and play promote strong immune systems.
We believe in the unique power of water play to develop healthy bodies and minds.
We believe that healing our healers serves an important function in our health as a community and as a nation.
We believe it is time to shift our national dialogue towards wellness.
Please join us!


To promote wellness for first responders and veterans by providing recreation, balance, and strength through paddling, kayaking and other therapies. 




Every individual who joins in our work feels a sense of inclusivity, family and oneness.  Together, we serve and uplift each other becoming stronger through heart centered connectivity.  We do not see color, gender, or handicap.  We welcome all.


We serve and honor those who choose to put us first.  This includes: veterans, first responders and their families.  Doctors, life guards, fire fighters, active duty,  service men and women as well. We honor their daily and past sacrifices made for all of our lives. 

Ocean and Bay Stewardship 

Our health and that of our earth’s atmosphere is dependent on the ocean.  Lido Paddle Project promotes its health and seeks opportunities to ensure its wellness including beach clean ups, paddle clean ups and building awareness of our oneness with our precious waters.

Paddling and kayaking promote natural immunity.  The benefits include inner balance, heart health, circulation, cardiovascular strength, mental health, leg, arm and core strength. All of our activities both on and off the water develop inner stability which helps to combat daily stressors reducing the effects of PTSD, depression and related ailments.